Metropolitan District: Compliance Certification Project

The following comes directly from the Metropolitan District Dental Society Newsletter:


In an effort to ensure that all the dental offices in the Metropolitan District are compliant with respect to state regulations the Metropolitan District Dental Society is putting into action the Compliance Certification Project. This undertaking will deliver Certificates of Compliance Excellence to all dental facilities that have either previously and successfully completed a comprehensive evaluation and training program by a professional compliance company or will complete one in the near future.

Dynamic Dental Safety (dds) has agreed to participate in this project and can provide your office with a full office physical plant review and recommendations enabling complete compliance with State and Federal requirements.

dds’ continuing education course is presented at the dental office to minimize the loss of productivity. The course is 2 hours with 3 (three) continuing education credits (ADA/CERP) and ample opportunity for questions both during the course and unlimited access thereafter.

dds’ compliance materials and documentation enable the dental office to comply with all State of Massachusetts and Federal requirements. In addition, the entire staff will be instructed on the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in the Dental Office.

The following are included in the evaluation:

New updated OSHA Safety and Risk Prevention Manual
Updates and review of MSDS Manual
Full Office review of physical site with accompanying recommendations
Review and update of MA State Board Guidelines
Full staff training for OSHA and HIPAA with 3 credits
Review of HIPAA compliance and apply any necessary changes
Train any new additions to staff at your facility
Updates as necessary throughout the year
Unlimited toll-free consultation
Secondary container labels as needed
Certificate of Compliance Excellence
A dentist will be doing the training and follow-up. dds will provide unlimited access to a toll free telephone number and significant discounts to additional courses for ADA/CERP credit along with an online video library.
The regulatory atmosphere in the State of Massachusetts requires the ability for the dental practitioner to utilize the services of a third-party independent organization to ensure compliance. Once training and evaluation of the dental office is completed the dental office will receive a Certificate of Compliance Excellence for public display.

dds has discounted their fees per office due to their ongoing relationship with the Metropolitan District. The usual fee for the service will be reduced by 30%. dds’ only requirement is that all dentists practicing in the dental office be current members of the Massachusetts Dental Society.

Please contact dds at 855-OSHA-DDS to set up a convenient time to initiate your compliance evaluation and training or to provide the name of your current professional compliance company in order to receive your Certificate of Compliance Excellence.

With 100% participation in the Compliance Certification Project, all dentists in the Metropolitan District can publicly demonstrate their adherence to all state regulations.

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