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Latest News:

The ADA has called upon dentists to postpone elective procedures. Here are our COVID-19 Resources for Dental Practices.

Join us at the Business Foundations Conference on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 as we team up with the American Student Dental Association to answer all the questions you wish you were taught in school. Find out more and register here.

Watch Dynamic Dental Safety on Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran 

Infection Outbreak Shines Light On Water Risks At Dentists Offices – is your office compliant with waterlines protocols?

The Massachusetts Dental Society’s Newsletter discusses “Does My Office Really Need to Prepare for a Random Inspection?”. Read it here.

New Blog Post: Government Auditing Dentists for HIPAA Compliance

The CDC has recently issued new guidelines for prescribing Opiod Painkillers. Make sure your office is following the current standards of prescribing painkillers.

The Massachusetts Dental Society has recently sent out a newsletter to all subscriber e-mailers regarding OSHA training and the need for all team members to be trained annually. To schedule your annual OSHA training, contact us today.

Compliance with unsurpassed third-party objectivity

Dental office compliance program comprised of a full evaluation of the practice, necessary staff training, consultation, and continuing education credits to enhance office safety, regulatory compliance, risk management, and Federal and State Board requirements.