What We Do

Dynamic Dental Safety (dds) provides optimum office evaluation and risk management services customized to the individual dental practice. The compliance program is comprised of a full physical review of the office, necessary training, unlimited consultation, and follow-up continuing education to enhance office safety, regulatory compliance, and Federal and State Board requirements.


We utilize screen projection to simulate attending a course at an outside venue to present our compliance education course. The course is 2+ hours in length with three (3) Continuing Education (CE) credits awarded to staff participants. Both written and digital materials will be available to enable the practice to comply with all state and federal requirements.

Minimum covered items include:
• On-site staff training: “CDC Infection Control, OSHA, and State Board Regulations” with 3 ADA/CERP credits awarded to participants
• Review of Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance issues and recommendations for necessary changes
• Review of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) hazard communication standard and recommendations for necessary change

To become familiar with your practice and its individualized needs, a dds dentist will perform a full office evaluation. This physical office examination allows our members to then give customized consultation regarding:

• Recommendations for regulation compliance and best practice
• Regulation updates as necessary throughout the year
• Patient record review
• Updated OSHA Safety and Risk Prevention Manual
• Review of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Manual
• Secondary container labels as needed


Upon completion of the initial program steps, dds will always:

• Train new staff additions to the practice to ensure complete staff education
• Give a “Certificate of Compliance Excellence” for public display
• Provide unlimited toll-free consultation

*The ADA/CERP has endorsed Dynamic Dental Safety as a provider of Continuing Education services

dynamicdentalsafety has delivered services to practices all over greater New England and the South East Coast and is expanding rapidly.  Dynamic Dental Safety is endorsed by the Massachusetts Dental Society and the New Hampshire Dental Society. Visit: DDS on Massachusetts Dental Society

References of practices in your area which have engaged dynamidentalsafety are provided upon request.