Pain Management/Opioid Safety Training

Did you know that practitioners who prescribe controlled substances are required to complete Opioid Safety & Pain Management training in order to obtain or renew their license?

The safe use of opioids and management of dental pain is receiving new scrutiny by regulatory agencies and dental boards. Several states now require an approved course that addresses pain management, opioid safety, and regulatory compliance. This course gives a didactic overview of opioid safety and pain management, along with practical assessment tools in the clinical dental setting. The course reviews general and specific guidelines for best clinical practices. According to M.G.L.A 94C section 18, 

  1. Effective pain management
  2. Identification of patients at high risk for substance abuse
  3. Counseling patients about the side effects

This course is suitable for all members of the dental team, and especially for the dentist who ultimately is responsible for pain management and opioid safety for their dental patients. By the end of this training, you and your staff will be able to:

  • Define opiods used in pain management.
  • Describe assessment tools to assess pain level in patients.
  • List opiods used in pain management.
  • Describe proper dosage for opiods used in pain management.
  • Define effective pain management;
  • State the risks of abuse and addiction associated withopioidmedication;
  • Identify patients at risk for substance use disorders;
  • Describe techniques for counseling patients about the side effects, addictive nature and proper storage and disposal of prescription medications;
  • Identify appropriate prescription quantities for prescription medications that have an increased risk of abuse; and
  • List opioid antagonists, overdose prevention treatments and instances in which a patient may be advised on both the use of and ways to access opioid antagonists and overdose prevention treatments
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