NH Dental Board: New CEU Requirements

The New Hampshire State Board of Dental Examiners recently sent out a notice that they will now requiring all licensee’s to take 2 CEU’s (continuing education units) in Infection Control every 2 years. We have had many clients recently contact us to find out if our program satisfies this new requirement. The answer is YES, this requirement is fulfilled by your involvement with Dynamic Dental Safety.

The following is the letter from the New Hampshire Dental Board:

Dear Licensee,

Please be advised that an amendment to Dental administrative rule 403.03 now requires you to take 2 CEU’s in infection control per biennium. This means that when you renew your dental license in 2016, you are required to have taken 2 CEU’s in infection control.

Refer to the Categories of Credit in your administrative rules (Den 403.07) to see who can provide this course for you (some examples may be an OSHA course or a course offered by Yankee Dental).

On-line infection control courses would also be acceptable, but please remember that Den 403.07 allows up to only 30% of the required CEU’s per biennium to be taken online, and that online courses must include completion of a written examination by the licensee to be scored by the provider of such programs.

Please notify your dental hygienists that this new rule will apply to them also at their next renewal.

Thank you.

N.H. Board of Dental Examiners
N.H. Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

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